We plan, create & deliver podcast campaigns that connect brands with engaged audiences

We created Digital Audio Network for two reasons

Firstly, to offer brands and advertisers the opportunity to reach an active and engaged audience. And secondly, to offer podcast publishers the opportunity to be represented as a collective to potential advertisers.

We are the gateway to millions of listeners

Digital Audio Network was created by ex-radio and digital professionals who understand how to achieve marketing objectives and how best to leverage niche audiences. Get in touch to discuss the options available..

We represent over 50 digital audio publishers

Some small, some large, some general interest, some niche, but our network is rigorously tested and audited to ensure they meet our high standards in quality of programming, audience and regularity of broadcast

How it works

  • 01/

    Tell us your target audience – niche or otherwise

  • 02/

    We source high indexing podcasts to maximise ROI

  • 03/

    Active & engaged audiences hear your key messages