Information for audio publishers

We aim to deliver addictive, ROI-driven creative
campaigns and marketing messages for our clients.

You are the gateway to engaged listeners and
Digital Audio Network wants to work with you.


There is absolutely no debating the fact that this venture was set up to make money. BUT, Digital Audio Network was also created for you to make money and reward your creativity.

So, simply get in touch and let us know how many downloads you regularly receive, offer a link to the podcast and then we can have a chat about how we might make the Digital Audio Network work for you.

To find out more, fill out the form below, email us here or call us to have a chat on +44 (0)20 7704 2334

Frequently asked questions

Who are the people behind Digital Audio Network?
Digital Audio Network is run by a close-knit team of ex-digital and radio content and business development professionals.
How much money will I be paid?
It depends on the team here at Digital Audio Network and what we agree with you, but it is in our interests to generate as much revenue as possible because we work on a percentage of the amount we sell on your podcast and we will be 100% transparent about how much that is.
What kind of adverts will I get on my podcast?
We aim to serve up entertaining, fun ads for big brands running high quality campaigns – ads that audiences enjoy listening to, ads that can stand proudly alongside your podcast. But you have final say so on whether or not a brand does not work for you or your listeners.
I am outside the UK – can we chat?
Maybe. We are talking to lots of UK media owners, agencies and their advertisers at the moment, but we do get requests for international audiences. Get in touch and we can chat.

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